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His blog covers everything from business, to finance, to economics and commodities related topics all in one place. John quiggin is an australian laureate fellow in economics and professor at the university of queensland, and a board member of the climate change authority of the government of australia. His blog named simply, john quiggin, features commentary on australian news and world events from “A social democratic perspective.” popular topics on his blog include economic policy, the environment, and politics. The cepr has various blogs that are centered on different economic and social topics. One to single out from the rest would be cepr co-founder, dean baker’s beat the press, which includes his commentary on economic reporting.

Follow this blog if you are interested in reading the reflections of a former head of the fed on economics, finance and monetary policy. The mises institute is dedicated to educating the public on austrian economics. The mises wire therefore is their online outlet where they write blogs posts commenting on economic and policy news arguing from the perspective of the austrian school of economics. If you are interested in austrian economics or simply just want to learn more about it, the mises wire is certainly a good place to start. Wolf is a former c-level employee with various multinational and venture capital firms.

Politics and public policy are again common themes in many of these blogs as the impact of politics and policy plays an important role in economics and vice versa. Let’s also not forget the intersection between economics and finance. There are some purely finance and investment related blogs in this list as well as blogs that do a bit of it all. If you have ever wanted to get inside the head of a central banker, ben bernanke’s blog may just be the best place to do that.

Carola binder’s quantitative ease is an economics blog, like many of the other blogs on this list, focused primarily on the intersection between macroeconomics, monetary policy and finance. Binder is an associate professor of economics at haverford college having earned her phd in economics from u.C. Her blog often discusses issues related to uncertainty and public perception in a context of macroeconomic policy making and how public policy influences the public perception. Carola binder attempts to illuminate the answer to that question and many more related to macroeconomics in quantitative ease. Daniel lacalle is a phd in economics, chief economist at tressis,sv and author of life in the financial markets, the energy world is flat” and escape from the central bank trap .

He was recently ranked as one of the top 20 most influential economists in the world by richtopia and has over 24 years of experience in the energy and finance sectors. His website, which has both a spanish and english version, has numerous articles and videos per week from daniel himself. His writing is known for being provocative, insightful and informative. Frequent topics covered in his aritcles are global economics, monetary policy, energy, cryptocurrencies and financial markets. Click on the button to the left to visit his website and follow him on twitter to get daily commentary on financial markets and economics.

This year there is an eclectic mix of economics blogs from the keynsian school to the chicago school to the austrian school and everything in between and around. We’ve included blogs on microeconomics, macroeconomics, sports economics and even water economics.

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