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Fall guys has a hacker problem, but the good news is developer mediatonic is working to handle the unfair exploits hackers are using. Fall guys is assuredly one in every of most fun battle royale games out there. While it’d actually be high quality to see them get shown the door mid-match, fall guys also looks like it might be a perfect fit for more creative anti-cheat measures. Players might easily fall out over a number of possible flaws, one of which, server issues, have already plagued the game since it launched last week.

Despite a declaration of partial success from developer mediatonic a couple weeks ago, fall guys’ hacker problem has not gone away because the last time I reported on it now more and more players are taking matters into their own hands. Mediatronic the company that makes the game mentioned it’s getting better at finding the cheaters and kicking them out of the neighborhood.

Unhappy players have been complaining about cheating on twitter, reddit , steam , and beyond, and as fall guys hack can see in some of the embedded videos, it seems like it hasn’t taken long for

to find a foothold in this cheerful competition. Cheating in these specific ways goes against the spirit of the game. There are a few events where you’ll have to avoid other players or strategy them, and our fall guys esp is capable of helping you with both.

In fall guys several players compete as jelly beans trying to navigate a brightly coloured obstacle course. No one will ever be able to get near you should you’re using our fall guys speed hack to gain the upper hand. There’s no need to tell anyone about exactly how helpful this can become in a recreation such as fall guys. Typically, nevertheless, hackers get arrogant and try to cheer the end line – which suggests different players can give them a candy, light comeuppance.

At this time, mediatonic stated on twitter that dealing with cheaters is a top precedence” and that while its software program robotically detects and blocks cheaters after a match ends, it is working to take extra rapid action.” no multiplayer game will ever be capable of utterly eliminate hackers, however maybe someday, we’ll get to dwell in a utopian future in which fall guys players now not need to wholesomely work collectively and can as a substitute put their full energies into ruthlessly trampling on and clawing at each other, as nature supposed.


Fall guys has a hacker problem, but developers are starting to issue bans

Fall guys: ultimate knockout, has become a worldwide success. Today, mediatonic said on twitter that dealing with cheaters is a top priority” and that while its software automatically detects and blocks cheaters after a match ends, it’s working to take more immediate action.” no multiplayer game will ever be able to completely eliminate hackers, but perhaps someday, we’ll get to live in a utopian future in which fall guys players no longer have to wholesomely work together and can instead put their full energies into ruthlessly trampling on and clawing at each other, as nature intended.

The uk-based studio mediatonic launched the title on august 4 and subsequently fall guys free kudos server issues on steam due to its staggering 2 million player login during its debut week however, like many multiplayer games, players found ways to clip into walls, float, and run faster in order to gain an unfair advantage in competitive mini-games.

It’s not clear what sort of anti-cheat system fall guys has, and there may not be one in place at all: the game doesn’t have a built-in reporting feature so players who encounter cheaters are encouraged to report them on the fall guys discord developers aren’t responding to individual messages as far as I can tell (I’m in the “Report hackers” channel now, and there are a lot of complaints coming in) but mediatonic is aware of the problems and told polygon that it hopes to have some sort of fix in place soon.

Before the loophole was closed, steam players were able to buy fall guys on a primary account and then share the game with a newly created, free “Burner” account using steam’s longstanding family sharing program if and when the burner account was banned after cheating was detected, the process could be repeated ad infinitum without the need to repurchase the game on a new account.

The fall guys sales came in at two million for its first week on steam, which isn’t too shabby at all. Since the cute bumble royale stumbled on the scene recently, some players have taken to using cheats and exploits to snag victories. Over the weekend, a clip of a cheater captured by streamer teosgame went viral, perhaps prompting this response from mediatonic while also demonstrating how players can team up to deal with cheaters for the time being.