Sim card and liquor @ bali airport

These are the current telkomsel simpati sim cards that are sold at the bali airport telkomsel has a counter at the international and domestic arrival terminal. Mostly every day I am on the road I am sharing some cool travel moments with my all of you, but I can understand that this is not your thing and you might think you don’t need an indonesia prepaid sim card. In the end, I paid 80,000 idr (~$6) for a telkomsel sim with 11gb of data, valid for a month. Now that you have enough pulsa on your phone, you can purchase a mobile data package to go along with it.

I now travel continuously and am nomadic, and figuring out sim cards in different countries has become an ongoing hobby (haha). Other sim cards from telkomsel are called kartu as and kartu halo, and loop. If you don’t want the 4gb or 8gb package then you can also buy a regular sim card at a cellphone shop nearby your hotel and then just load credit and data as you need.

Thanks in advance for any insights you could share for a first time traveler to indonesia. So I went to the smartfren office on sunset road and for 65.000 got the sim card and 8 gigs of data good for a month. And there is a an official telkomsel outlet at the jakarta airport where you can buy and register your card. If you can’t buy a sim card at the airport you can always buy one from a street vendor the next morning.

Cost we spent around 1,000y (8.2€) per day and person in transportation (including coming and going to the airport). There are also flash” sim cards available for data-only options. The convenience stores do not sell the sim cards. I’ll need to see what the new process of buying a sim card is like after that. A selection of indonesian prepaid sim cards.

The sim cards sold at the bali airport are geared towards tourists and come as packages. However, just last week they stopped allowing the data-only cards to be used without registration. Bali tourist attractions also comprise historical sites, heritage buildings and a range of museums and art galleries, all of which offer a different glimpse of bali tourism if you are looking for the perfect honeymoon spot then, then customize a bali honeymoon package that will allow you to explore the best of bali.

Telkomsel has a booth at the Bali sim airport , both at the international and domestic arrival terminal. I often have tourists asking me a to purchase them a sim card so they can ring family as soon as they arrive and tell the family that they are here safely. Ssimpati flash is the name for the prepaid internet packages. As of april 2018, all sims in indonesia need to be registered at one of the service provider’s official stores.

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